Train Like A ‘Kang’

By Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Permalink 0

After finally regaining my consciousness following University of Kentucky’s James Young’s “assault on human life” dunk in the men’s NCAA Championship game against UConn, I caught Powerade’s added-value enhancement Zero Drops spot, which gives fans the chance to see how Lebron James trains.

LebronTime, is a nearly 60-minute workout routine, featuring Lebron being led through a series of interval drills with pro basketball trainer Mike Mancias. LBJ takes viewers through a circuit of exercises which include everything from heart rate-inducing jump rope drills, spot-up jumpers, and resistance band work.Whew!  I’m tired already!

So, whether you’re an aspiring NBA hooper, fitness enthusiast, or just someone who doesn’t want to have a “fat summer” *raises hand*, peep the video below so you can get right in time for the outdoor season.

Photo via Sports Illustrated/Video via YouTube