Thirsty For Lebron?

By Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Permalink 0

No, this isn’t slander for the influx of Heat fans after “The Decision”.

The 4x-MVP and 2x-NBA Champ teamed up with Sprite to release his own limited-edition drink – Sprite 6 Mix. The drink will feature its traditional lemon-lime flavor in addition to cherry and orange. Per, Lebron said, “I never imagined I would have my own flavor someday. I had a great time working with the Sprite team to turn my favorite flavors into a pretty cool variation of one of my favorite brands. I’m proud of what we created and I’m excited for my fans to try it.”

So, the question I ask is, will you be ‘taking your talents’ down to the bodega to pick up a bottle?

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