Amber and CC Sabathia ‘PitCCh In’ to Get Bronx Kids Back to School Ready

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September marks the back to school season, which can often be an anxiety-filled time for children AND their parents (just check all the memes on Instagram).  While some students may be worried about making new friends, many parents are often concerned with being able to financially provide all they can, to give their children what they need.

Products of single-parent households, Amber Sabathia, and her husband, New York Yankees pitcher, CC Sabathia, both had mothers who made great sacrifices to provide for them, while growing up in Vallejo, CA.  In fact, CC’s mother, Margie Sabathia-Lanier, often could not afford to send him to school with supplies and a new backpack at the start of the school year.  Never forgetting this hardship fuels the Sabathia’s passion to help ease the financial burden many parents face at the start of the new school year.

Through the PitCCh In Foundation – Amber and CC’s non-profit, which enhances the lives of inner-city children – the charitable couple launched their Backpack Program in 2010, and have astonishingly distributed over 20,500 backpacks with supplies, to public school children in Vallejo, and within the New York Tri-state area – specifically to public schools in the Bronx.

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Amber and her PitCCh In Foundation team at P.S. 105 in the BX, as they prepared more than 2,000 backpacks with school supplies for elementary school students.  The backpacks were filled with necessary essentials to prepare students for the school year.  To add a special touch to their generosity, Amber and CC are personally delivering the backpacks to several of the students.

On a personal note, I think it’s wonderful to see people with influence doing for others.  You never know what hardships someone may be experiencing in their lives, and just how far an act of kindness can go.  However, giving back isn’t solely the responsibility of the rich and famous.  We all have an equal part to play in making a difference in and around our communities.  Whether it’s feeding the hungry, being a mentor, or fixing up up neighborhood parks, there’s something we all can do.

Below are a few pics from the backpack assembly at P.S. 105:

Pile of Backpacks

Backpack kit

Amber Sabathia

Amber and me2

(Amber and me)

In case you were wondering, Amber is dressed in workout attire because the unstoppable mommy mogul and her PitCCh In team are training for the NYC Marathon.  PitCCh In is THE official charity of the NYC marathon.

If you want to PitCCh In (see what I did there) to help raise funds for her foundation, which benefits children, go to:

We’ll be cheering for you – Go Amber!

(Photos via TheSportstyle, AthletesQuarterly)