Who?: Nik Style is a Newark, NJ-raised and Brooklyn-based sports and fitness enthusiast. She’s been stuck like glue watching professional sports the majority of her life – always searching for the latest information.  Her quest to start a career in sports led her to Madison Square Garden, where for a time, she held a variety of part-time positions working for the New York Knicks, New York Liberty, and New York Rangers. Taking her passion for learning more about the sports industry to the next level, she studied and received a Certificate in Sports Business Operations from New York University.

She hopes to be a positive voice for those who share a similar passion, and would eventually like to use sports and fitness as a launchpad to develop a charitable foundation benefiting children.  Currently, she spends most of her time working out and watching everything from NBA and NFL games to the US Open, live or from home.  She even dubbed herself as “the greatest couch color commentator no one has ever heard of”.

The Blog: TheSportstyle.com (a hybrid of the words Sport & Lifestyle) was created as a platform to inform, entertain, and engage fans to sports and fitness outside of the game.  There was a void online where the lifestyle and business aspect of sports was represented, so I created this site.

Disclaimer: This is a blog, not a news site, created as an outlet for the founder to share her opinions with the sports and fitness communities.  She does not profess to be an expert.  It is highly recommended that all instructional training videos and health suggestions should be approved by a doctor prior to beginning.

Photo by Antoine Jackson of FAMEproductions360.com

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